Using technology in the music classroom to explore, create, and engage students in learning! 

The Music ICT Classroom

This website has been created to present authentic learning tasks for  music  school students to help them engage and discover the wonder of music in a real world environment. 

 The authentic task requires students to be music technicians, working to a required task to complete assignments.

I have moved from the `teacher' to a facilitator, learning with my students, collaborating, reflecting and engaging in projects that have real world relevance.


My Philosophy of Teaching...

My teaching will focus on motivating my students, the use of social cooperative learning experiences, student centered activities and allowing both individual, group and mastery performance goals for students to achieve.

Cooperative learning in the classroom is essential.   I will employ social constructivism, engaging students in an inclusive classroom.   I want to be able to facilitate the development of creativity and potential, and I believe that will come through collaboration between teacher, parent and student.


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